Blake Griffin Vertical Jump (2023)

1. Blake Griffin at the Combine - Crunching the Numbers - Clips Nation

  • Jun 3, 2009 · Al Thornton's 41" max vertical is one of the best ever recorded at the combine. Blake Griffin is getting a lot more bulk off the ground 35.5".

  • Blake Griffin at the Combine - Crunching the Numbers. His length was a tad disappointing, but not his hops.

2. Blake Griffin Vertical Jump Workout - See How He Got His Crazy Hops!

  • Blake Griffin vertical leap is 36 inches and he is one of the most powerful and athletic players in the NBA. His ability to grab rebounds, block shots, ...

  • Blake Griffin vertical leap is 36 inches and he is one of the most powerful and athletic players in the NBA. Here we break down step by step Blake Griffin's vertical jump workout. Check it out!

3. Blake Griffin - Height, Vertical Jump, Reach, Wingspan

  • Jun 9, 2023 · Blake Griffin's vertical reach is reported to be 35.5 inches (90.17 cm). What Is Blake Griffin's Wingspan? Blake Griffin's wingspan is reported ...

  • Blake Griffin is a name that has become synonymous with explosive athleticism, jaw-dropping dunks and an unparalleled level of verticality in the NBA. His

4. NBA's Top Ten Vertical Leapers - Pro Hoops Daily Home Page

  • TOP TEN VERTICAL LEAPERS IN THE NBA. The vertical leap is the act of raising ... Blake Griffin - 35.5". Dwight Howard - 35.5". J.R. Smith - 35.5". Stephen Curry ...

5. Highest Vertical Jump Ever in NBA, NFL and Track & Field

  • Apr 6, 2022 · Vertical Jump Records in the NBA · #1 Wilt Chamberlain (48 Inches) · #2 Michael Jordan (46 Inches) · #3 Zach LaVine (46 Inches) · #4 Lebron James ( ...

  • Find out who has the highest vertical jump ever. From the NBA to NFL and Track and Field we show videos of the most impressive jumpers of all time!

6. Blake Griffin's Measurements. - RealGM

  • May 29, 2009 · Thought his reach would've been higher, but thank goodness for his 39" vertical. BTW, check out Thabeet's measurements. Dude's a freak of nature ...

  • RealGM Forums

7. 2009 NBA Draft Combine: Athleticism Test Results -

  • Jun 2, 2009 · For example, Budinger has an incredible 38.5 max vertical, but his standing vertical is only 29.5 inches. Blake Griffin has a lower max vertical ...

  • Specializing in drafts with top players on the NBA horizon, player profiles, scouting reports, rankings and prospective international recruits.

8. What is Blake Griffins vertical? - Sport-net

  • Jul 2, 2022 · Blake Griffin vertical leap is ... This is likely about as high as you can go, so reaching a standing 50″ vertical jump is not likely possible.

  • Blake Griffin vertical leap is 36 inches and he is one of the most powerful and athletic players in the NBA. ... His vertical leap routine is obviously

9. NBA Draft Combine records: Top vertical leaps, wingspans, more

  • May 18, 2022 · Last year, Trail Blazers guard Keon Johnson, who was selected with the No. 21 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, recorded the best vertical leap at ...

  • Who holds the records for the highest vertical leap and longest wingspan in NBA Draft Combine history?

10. The Rookie: Blake Griffin - ESPN

  • ... Blake Griffin said. ... He was going to enter the military, as his father did, but decided he was only into the fitness, not "jumping out of airplanes or anything ...

  • The Rookie: Blake Griffin

11. How to Increase Your Vertical in Basketball

  • I am not comparing my vertical to Blake because he is an athletic freak, but we tested our running vertical jump in college, and mine was at 39 inches. As a ...

  • Being able to jump higher takes work, but it also takes first learning how. This article will teach you how to increase your vertical in basketball.

12. 10 Strongest NBA Players Ever - The Barbell

  • Apr 8, 2022 · Let's stick with combine numbers for Blake Griffin. His 22 bench press reps with 185 (equating to a 321-pound bench press for one rep) in 2009 ...

  • We sorted through the legends and verified the stats. In alphabetical order, these are the 10 strongest NBA players of all time.

13. Vertical Jump Basketball Exercises For Blake Griffin Dunks (Video)

  • Duration: 1:00Posted: Oct 15, 2012

  • Check out this effective basketball exercise. Add this to your training session and jump like Blake Griffin. This exercise may be advanced.but it's safer to start off at an easier difficulty, and work your way up to your MAX Vertical Jump, Like Blake Griffin.

14. In a vertical jump-and-reach test, 60 kg Blake Griffin ... - Numerade

  • In a vertical jump-and-reach test, 60 kg Blake Griffin (shedding the pounds for those LA summers - oops; Detroit summers) jumps 60 cm, while 90 kg DeAndre ...

  • VIDEO ANSWER: The time taken by the object during the upward journey will be the same as the time taken by the object in the downward journey. The time of flig…

15. 2009 Fitness Tests for the NBA Draft (Combine) - Topend Sports

  • Vertical Jump - no step ; 32, Blake Griffin, Oklahoma ; 31.5, Wayne Ellington, North Carolina ; 31.5, James Harden, Arizona State ; 31.5, Gerald Henderson, Duke.

  • Results from 2009 for the fitness testing that is performed at the NBA pre-draft camps

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