What to Expect — Belle Meade Winery (2023)

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What to Expect — Belle Meade Winery (2)

Spend the day

Join us for tastings, wine by the glass, reserved experiences, live music on the weekends, some homemade ice cream and fudge, and 32 acres of explorable historic property. Seating is very limited on the weekends, but there is always plenty of room on the grounds!

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Enjoy some hearty southern food at our Meat & Three, open daily from 11:00-3:00 PM. Enjoy your food inside the restaurant or get it To-Go to enjoy on the grounds. Crackers, meats, cheeses, and charcuterie style items can be purchased inside the winery tasting room. Outside food is not permitted.

family and pet friendly

We are a family and pet friendly property! Bring your little ones of all shapes and sizes to enjoy our Games Court, Coop ‘N’ Scoop ice cream, and other family adventure tours. Sadly, minors and pets cannot join you on wine or bourbon pairings.

No Reservation, no problem!

Regardless of availability of ticketed experiences, you can always purchase a Grounds Pass. Our Grounds Pass gets you a complimentary wine tasting (21+), a self-guided tour through the 32 acres grounds, access to the restaurant, winery, games court, and Coop ‘N’ Scoop. You must have a Grounds Pass, tour, or pairing ticket to access the property.

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We welcome you to take photos at Belle Meade Winery and on the grounds! Pictures cannot be taken inside the mansion and exclusive professional shoots are not permitted on the grounds. Thank you for your compliance!

Masks optional

Masks are no longer required for guests or employees. However, we welcome you to make the choice that is right for you when inside our buildings and tasting room.

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